Mourinho Still Not Knowing About Pogba Injury Recovery Time

Mourinho Still Not Knowing About Pogba Injury Recovery Time

Paul Pogba will miss several Manchester United matches. But Jose Mourinho claimed not to know exactly how severe the injury Agen Judi Bola.

Pogba left Old Trafford with pain in the early hours of Wednesday (13/9) due to hamstring problems in the first round against Basel in the Champions League. ESPN FC informant said he will be absent until the match against Liverpool on 14 October.

Mourinho himself at a press conference on Friday (15/9), said the injury will make Pogba absent against Everton on Sunday (17/9). But he still does not know for sure how long this 24-year-old player is absent.

“I know he’s a muscle injury, he will miss the weekend game, that’s the only game I think. I do not think any further. He did not play this weekend. I just know it’s a hamstring problem, “Mou said.

“Skuat is trying to cope with situations like this and we know in some situations I do not know much. But we will play without Pogba some matches, but we have other players, ”

This is the second time Pogba should be sidelined with a hamstring injury in the past year. Previously he got the same injury in March that made Pogba absent two weeks.

Mourinho added: “We have players waiting for the opportunity because we started the season very well with one game per week. No need to rest, change, we play with the same player. But there are good players and more than ready to play. So honestly we will lose Pogba, we need Pogba, but we have a good player, ”

“Herrera, Fellaini, Michael Carrick waiting for a chance to be a starter and they’re ready, so that’s our way of thinking,”