Without Pino, Arema Prepare Reaction Strategies against Kukar Partner

Without Pino, Arema Prepare Reaction Strategies against Kukar Partner

Arema FC power back limp when facing host Mitra Kukar in the week of the League 2017 2017. Because, this concoction skill Joko Susilo will be without Juan Pablo Pino due to injury.

Arema was forced to leave the player who served as the regulator of this attack in the city of Malang to follow an injury recovery program with assistant coach Singgih Pitono. Not only that, Singo team Edan also lost his young player Hanif Sjahbandi who suffered an ankle injury while testing melakoni.

“Both of these players I live in Malang, I do not want to impose their condition, even later could be fatal,” said Joko told Liputan6.com, Tuesday (19/09/2017).

However, the absence of both pillars of this midfield did not dampen Arema’s intention to steal points at home to the team nicknamed the Dragon Mekes. Joko has prepared a backup strategy that is believed to be no less powerful to be ready to play.

“I have prepared other players, football not only see from one player only, we have tactics that have been prepared with the player character,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Adam Alis and Arif Suyono ready to play in this fight. “The 18 players I take are sure they are ready to be lowered, we just have to see which really fit to fill my strategy tomorrow,” he added.

Arema counter counter Mitra Kukar will take place at Aji Imbut Stadium, Tenggarong, Wednesday (20/09/2017) night local time. Arema is currently ranked seventh in the standings with 37 points from 24 matches. While Mitra Kukar is ranked ninth with 34 points.