What Makes La Liga Without Barcelona?

What Makes La Liga Without Barcelona?

La Liga president, Javier Tebas began to hit the issue with the Spanish League without the presence of Barcelona. Los Blaugrana (Barcelona nickname) it can leave La Liga when Catalonia decided to split from Spain.

Since last week, the citizens of Catalonia held a vote in various places, including schools and other public areas.

Unfortunately, the Spanish government did not approve of it. They consider the action of the citizens of Catalonia an illegal act. The government also sent down riot police to disperse the incident.

The presence of police personnel to make the atmosphere becomes heated and led to unrest. European media reported that many of Catalonia’s citizens were wounded by the arrogance of the state security.

Three Spanish League clubs domiciled in Catalonia, Barcelona, ​​Espanyol, and Girona will likely leave from La Liga. This is what makes Tebas start worrying.

“The independence of Catalonia before the end of the season is a scenario we have to analyze, and if that happens we will ask the Catalonia clubs in La Liga about their opinions, their attitudes and their decisions,” said Tebas, quoted by Football Espana.

“We also have to look at the declaration of independence of Catalonia if it happens, and if they (Barcelona, ​​Espanyol and Girona) support Catalonia independence, they will be outside the Spanish competition, our obligations only listen to them but we also must obey the rule of law. .

Pamor La Liga Down

The 55-year-old continued, if Barcelona decides to follow the rules of Catalonia, La Liga could lose its selling points. Tebas also judge the prestige of La Liga will drop dramatically.

“La Liga without Barcelona and Espanyol? I have not seen that in the last few months but now I have to think about it, but certainly we will lose the league and we will be difficult to restore the competition.

In addition, Tebas also said, all new Barcelona players extend the contract can be obtained for free. Some star players such as Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, to Luis Suarez are rated as amateur players because the Catalonia Federation has not been registered in UEFA and FIFA.

“The Catalonia Federation does not comply with FIFA and the players in the three clubs are free to transfer, and all Barcelona players can be bought for free,” Tebas said.