Persebaya 2nd League Champion: The Beginning And Sweet End Of The Green Force Trip In Bandung City

Persebaya 2nd League Champion: The Beginning And Sweet End Of The Green Force Trip In Bandung City

Persebaya finally closed the League 2 season with a very sweet achievement of being the champion of League 2 after finishing the resistance PSMS Medan with a score of 3-2 in the final match that took place at the Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire Lake, Tuesday (28/11) This is a double success of course after previously making sure to qualify for promotion to League 1.

If judging as a whole the club nicknamed Bajul Ijo worthy of the best predicate and caste up to League 1. This can be seen from the statistics of all the action played by the club nicknamed Bajul Ijo this during a season in League 2. Moreover, the trip Persebaya to League 2 champion is passed by full of extraordinary struggles.

First, this is an official competition that followed Persebaya since out of freezing PSSI sanctions. Second, the average Persebaya player is a young penggawa player. Third, Persebaya have to go through the coach change in early League 2, with the seat occupied Iwan Setiawan handed over to Angel Alfredo Vera.

Persebaya are grouped in Group 5 of the preliminary round of League 2 with a home system. Bajul Ijo team qualified for the last 16 with group winning status, through a collection of 29 points from 14 matches (8 wins, 5 draws and one defeat).

In the round of 16 big so a difficult game for this club. But Persebaya finally make sure to qualify for the top 8 with runner-up status of Group C. They only earn 9 points. Of six games they only 2 wins, three draws, and one defeat.

Team Bajul Ijo win over PSBS Biak (5-0) and Persigo Semeru (4-0). Persebaya draw against opponent Kalteng Putra FC (1-1), Persigo Semeru (0-0), PSBS Biak (0-0), and only lost 0-1 from Central FC Son.

After that they clean up and perform trengginas in the round of 8 large. Where all the victory won foster children Angel Alredo Vera. They managed to conquer PSIS Semarang 1-0, then PSPS Riau 1-0, and PS Mojokerto Putra 4-0.

Their move was unstoppable in the semifinals by beating Martapura FC with a score of 2-0. Until finally they can be champions with a struggle that is not easy. PSMS Medan finally defeated 3-2 with a time of almost 120 minutes.

“An exciting match. They are a strong team, but eventually we succeeded champions. The champion is the best because Persebaya has worked hard. This is all thanks to the contributions of players, “said Alfredo Vera after the game.

In addition to the hard work of players, Alfredo Vera also praised the loyalty Bonek-superstor loyal Persebaya – who had come all the way to GBLA to watch the final Persebaya vs PSMS.

“Thanks to all the fans who came to Bandung. Supporters who did not come also must be busy watching in the place of origin. Thank you, “said the Argentine tactician.

Bandung Becomes A Friendly City For Persebaya

While Persebaya team captain, Rendi Irawan mention Bandung to be a special place for Persebaya. Because the trip Persebaya to League 1 stems from here where status Persebaya re-ratified during PSSI congress in Bandung and completed with the title in Bandung as well.

“Once again, Bandung became a special place for Persebaya. Playoff time versus PSMS was also held in Bandung and won. Bandung so witnesses the return of Persebaya. Our journey is very long. Difficult, happy, sad, and happy we feel. Defeat or win and eventually champion, “said the player numbered back 12 this.

Moreover, the achievement of sweet Persebaya also accompanied by the player that Irfan Jaya become the best player in League 2. Irfan Jaya became the best player for his apiknya appearance throughout League 2, he also became the winner of Persebaya over PSMS Medan in the final by scoring two goals. Persebaya also managed to come out as champions League 2 2017.

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